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The company CARL KLOSTERMANN SÖHNE GMBH & CO is a company with more than a 120 years tradition.



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  • service & flexibility
  • punctual job handling
  • delivery of the smallest quantities
  • delivery of exclusive – colors
  • individual color- and productconsulting

cks - customers appreciate that.


  • LINEAPELLE in Italy
    Visit us at our exhibition days on the LINEAPELLE FAIR in Milan. 19.- 21.Februar 2019 und Oktober 2020
  • Energy
    We have been drawing CO2-free eco-power from municipal works of Wuppertal since 2014.


  • Leadership
    Contrary to the trend we decided to produce only in Germany, so that we can offer 35 colleges a safe job.


  • Products
    Commercial product or in-house production: We care for highest and most enduring quality.