We produce fashionable shoe-laces and classics in about 170 cotton shades and 120 shades in polyester. Furthermore, our product - line comprises as well acid- and heat restistant NOMEX laces, specially finished ice-hockey laces as well as shrilly and robust laces for inline-skates – summarized – we can offer you more than just the standards!
Besides that, we never neglected the traditional “TRADE-Section” with pair-packed-laces in a large variety, flat and round shoe-laces in a lot of colours, only packed by a banderole or even blister-packed and gathered in boxes as we furnished you in the past. Should you want the pair-packed shoe-laces covered by a special banderole in colours up to you necessities/wishes or with EAN-code we kindly ask you to do not hesitate in telling us your requirements.
The company CARL KLOSTERMANN SÖHNE GMBH & CO is a company with more than a 120 years tradition.