It is not the entrepreneur who pays the wages – he just hands over the money. It is the product that pays the wages.

(Henry Ford)


For the shoe industry & replacement needs

After all, one shoe is not like the other.
We offer you shoe laces in the most diverse shapes, lengths, colors and materials. Depending on use and shoe model, you can choose between round laces, flat laces, cord laces and many more – and choose from up to 300 different colors.

Fits, fits & connects: thin, thick, narrow, strong, waxed, round, flat or wide – shoe laces for every shoe.

A round thing: round shoelaces for elegant shoes – made of cotton and polyamide.

Flat, firm & colored: flax shoelaces in various colors – for sports and leisure shoes.

Twisted and not just twisted: hard-wearing and tear-resistant cord laces made of cotton, polyester or polypropylene.

Let us advise you on strength, material and diameter – we know what matters. After all, the cord must match the shoe.

For the shoe industry
  • Fashionable & modern – in 300 colors
  • Shiny – with metallic yarns
  • Elegant – in leather look
  • Safe – for work shoes
  • Resistant – to acids and alkalis
  • Heat resistant – made from Nomex® yarns
  • Extra – for Inliner
  • Frost-proof – for ice hockey shoes
  • Water repellent – according to Gorestandard
  • Reflective – for even more safety

For replacement needs

  • Standard assortment – in pairs
  • Private Label – for individual solutions
  • Fashionably sorted – according to our knowledge and experience


ELASTIC BRAIDS – stable delivery times

Elastic and high-quality ELASTIC BRAIDS – resistant to washing and wear. Whether for stationery or for orthopedics, the use of rubber braids is manifold. Starting at a quantity of 300 meters, you can choose from a large variety of colors for our rubber braids. Hold on, tighten and stay in shape – we offer function, best quality and make sure that our rubber braids do not wear out.


Freshly printed cohesion

Even when printed, our shoe laces, cords and fasteners keep their promise. All our products are also available with extraordinary designs – you can choose from individual or already existing motifs. Either way, our printed shoe laces and ribbons will ensure a varied appearance.


Twisted alternative – available at short delivery times

Twisted, braided, twisted – in addition to shoe laces, cords provide the necessary support and bring together what belongs together. We offer braided cords made of polypropylene, cotton or polyester, in various thicknesses and different colors. Whether flat or round, waxed or unwaxed – we offer our cords as yard ware.


Fast in a double sense: quickly opened – delivered at short notice

They adhere and stick by themselves and are the perfect alternative to shoelaces. We offer you top quality in the style of CKS shoelaces – in accordance with DIN standard 3415 and EN 13780. Suitable for sports and fitness shoes, they can be opened and closed quickly and are specially made up for orthopedics. In contrast to shoelaces, they are easier to handle and still guarantee a secure hold in the shoes.