“We must leave our children and grandchildren an intact ecological, social and economic fabric. One cannot have one without the other.”

(Quote from the German Council for Sustainable Development)

Which sustainable energies do we use?

We have been drawing CO2-free eco- power from municipal works of Wuppertal since January 1st , 2014. 95 % of it are produced by modern Scandinavian hydroelectric plants and 5 % by a wind power plant in Wuppertal. The ok-power-label stands for excellent quality and active commitment in building regenerative electricity production facilities. The label ensures compliance with the high standards of environmental protection, consumer protection and science.
Changing over to an environmentally friendly power supply increases the value of our products and improves our competitiveness at once.

Sustainable leadership

Contrary to the trend we decided to produce only in Germany, so that we can offer 35 colleges a safe job. This is especially important since 30% of them have been working for our company for more than 20 years. At Carl Klostermann Söhne, sustainability is not just a fashionable term but lived tradition.

Sustainable products

Our products stand out against others due to their great variety of colours and types as well as their high quality. Whether commercial product or in-house production: We care for highest and most enduring quality. We have our yarn produced and dyed by local suppliers to save energy, keep logistical distances short and minimize pollution loads. (economize energy resources.) In order for us to remain competitive, we keep pace with changing trends and develop new products constantly.

For us, sustainability does not mean stagnation but is pioneering and trendsetting. This is why, by this time, our products are internationally popular and successful.